almeida garrett wines

A Family legacy.


pioneers in chardonnay vineyards in portugal

For over 100 years, the Almeida Garrett family has been nurturing Chardonnay vines and producing award-winning, complex yet elegant varietal white wines. In addition to local red varieties, such as Tinta Roriz and Touriga Nacional, Chardonnay is one of the most prestigious grape varieties, with the added value of growing in Beira Interior, with its special soils, towering altitudes and peak temperatures.

fourty-four hectares of vineyards

Almeida Garrett wines have been at the heart of Beira Interior for quite some time now, yet their wines have taken their family name to more places than they could’ve ever imagined.

a singular wine

Wine in all its glory cannot be cut off from the stories of men and women who make it, much like winegrowers such as the Almeida Garrett family. It is more than a mere beverage or a significant part of a profitable trade: it is indeed a reflection of the entire culture, history and experience of several generations.

our wines

“of all my travels, however, those which have interested me most were still my travels in my homeland.”

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